Charis Kidz

Our desire is to partner with parents to nurture, shepherd and disciple children for the glory of God.  Charis Kidz provides opportunities for children to gather and learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the essential truths, which will shape and guide them throughout their lives.  As a church family, we want to intentionally invest in our children just as Jesus did.  By teaching our kids to praise God, love others, and share Jesus, we anticipate our children will find joy and purpose in continuing Jesus’ mission (John 20:21) of transforming our community and world for the glory of God.


Our preschool through 5th grade uses the Gospel Project curriculum, a chronological, Christ-centered Bible study that engages children through Bible videos, discussions, and activities.  


5th Sundays are reserved for a special time of Family worship.  Infant and Toddler classes will remain open, but preschool through elementary will spend 5th Sundays worshipping with the rest of the church family in the auditorium. 


Interested in serving?  In order to keep our children safe, we ask all volunteers to fill out a background check and application prior to serving. Please fill out and submit the following forms: