The Power of Vulnerability

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The Power of Vulnerability

A few weeks ago in my DNA group, the men in my group were sharing various fears, failures, and struggles with each other. I love to encourage the men in my group. I love to offer prayer. I love to share some experience of my own to let them know they are not alone. I love to offer any counsel or Scripture that I believe might help. The guys are all receptive and grateful.

But then…it was my turn. It was MY turn to share my fears, failures, and struggles. So, I took a deep breath and shared an on-going struggle with sin in my life. I gave as much detail as I knew how to give. I gave them as much context regarding when I am tempted. I told them what sorts of thoughts were going through my head. And then, I said something very important in these moments….“OK guys, say stuff. Give me counsel. Help me.” I asked them for help. I gave them permission. I wasn’t just transparent, but I was vulnerable. Transparency is good. Vulnerability is even better.

There are married and unmarried guys in my group. Guys with kids and guys without kids. Guys who have been Christians for many years and guys who are younger in the faith. But do you know what…all of the guys were helpful. All of the guys said things that helped give me a vision of what love for God and others looks like.

Just being known was powerful. Driving home that night, it felt scary, but good to be known. It felt good to know that these brothers knew my struggle and loved me and were with me. I was encouraged by the counsel and prayer the offered. I could feel the grip of sin weaken significantly.

Last night, I met with my DNA group again. Same deal. Everyone shared. We helped each other, sympathized with each other, shared Scripture with each other. Then it was my turn. I shared the same sin struggle I did last time. I told them I was going to keep walking in the light, keep being known, keep seeking their counsel and prayer.

They all gave me very insightful counsel once again, a little different than last time, but helpful and hopeful. Again, I felt the grip of sin weaken.

I am confident that this group of guys is one of God’s primary means of grace towards me to help me fight my sin and look more like Jesus.

If you are in a Gospel Community and/or DNA Group, thank God for those folks and seek to grow in repentance and faith through those relationships. Be known. Be vulnerable.

Ask them to speak into your life. Give them permission to help you, to pray for you, to tell you things you may know or think you know, but you need to hear again and again.

And if you’re not currently in a group like that, I want to encourage you to find one. There are groups in our church that would love to have you join them, would love to know you and be known by you. We really are needy, and we really are needed.

In it with you,

Pastor Jon


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