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The Power of Vulnerability
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The Power of Vulnerability A few weeks ago in my DNA group, the men in my group were sharing various fears, failures, and struggles with each other. I love to encourage the men in my group. I love to offer prayer. I love to share some experience of my own to let them know they are not alone. I...

I Am Needy
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  Years ago, while I was still a rather new Christian, I was at a prayer meeting with a few people. Since it was a prayer meeting, I shared a few issues and struggles I was currently encountering. All of a sudden, one of my closest friends who was present at the prayer meeting said...

We Have Good News
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Recently, a friend of mine challenged me to capture what the story of Charis is in a simple statement. He meant, I think, “what has been the driving narrative of Charis? What “story” has captured our hearts and our imaginations and has made Charis the kind of community it...