Sanctity of Human Life Day
Posted by Craig Stimpert on

  Monday marks a dark day in our nation’s history.  On this day (January 22) in 1973 our Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand through the infamous Roe V. Wade decision.  Considering the overall makeup of Charis, many of us have grown up associating abortion with...

I Am Needy
Posted by Jon Bricker on

  Years ago, while I was still a rather new Christian, I was at a prayer meeting with a few people. Since it was a prayer meeting, I shared a few issues and struggles I was currently encountering. All of a sudden, one of my closest friends who was present at the prayer meeting said...

We Have Good News
Posted by Jon Bricker on

Recently, a friend of mine challenged me to capture what the story of Charis is in a simple statement. He meant, I think, “what has been the driving narrative of Charis? What “story” has captured our hearts and our imaginations and has made Charis the kind of community it...