Gospel Communities

Gathering on Sunday morning is one vital part of how we live, where we come together to worship God through things like song, prayer, preaching, & communion. But we worship God every day of the week, too. We do this primarily through Gospel Communities, which are small groups throughout Bloomington/Normal who pursue God's mission, encourage each other, push each other toward holiness, and live everyday life together as we learn how the gospel seeps into every aspect of life. 

Gospel Communities regularly meet together once a week to spur one another on, eat together, and to live on mission together. Please feel free to visit any of our Gospel Communities, or contact us if you have questions or need help finding one. 

Beaty's GC

Our GC meets weekly on Sunday afternoons, typically at the Rynerson's house at 3:30. We have lots of young kids and young parents. In this season of our GC we are focused on building community with each other into the rhythms of our lives, starting with the formation of DNA groups that meet throughout the week. We have individuals in our group involved in many different ministry opportunities, and we are learning to invite each other into these parts of our lives. Contact Caleb Beaty: 309-212-7284

Bricker's GC

Bricker's GC meets every Wednesday from 6-8pm. Their primary ministry focus is caring for and reaching the people in their neighborhood. Contact Jon Bricker: 309-825-2072

GC Fell

GC Fell meets on alternating Sunday and Monday evenings. When we meet, we typically eat a meal together and then either share what’s happening in our lives, play games, and/or discuss a variety of biblical content. We are working toward being involved in each other's personal ministries which includes our neighbors, coworkers, and international students. Contact Ryan Cookson: 217-971-5213

Hansen's GC

We meet on alternating Monday nights from 5:30-7:30. On the off weeks, we meet for an hour for DNA groups separately as men and women. Our primary ministry outreach is our friends and coworkers. We encourage each other in reaching out to them by hosting events and inviting them to trivia nights on Wednesdays or sand volleyball on Sundays. Childcare is provided. Contact Bryce Hansen: 309-224-2084

Noffsinger's GC

Meets every Tuesday evening from 6:15-8 p.m. alternating between meeting as a whole group and meeting as Men/Women DNA Groups. Contact Josh Noffsinger: 309-242-1747

Roger's GC

Meets every Monday evening at 5:30 at the Fabish Home. Contact Kevin Rogers: 309-287-5009

Steffen's GC

Our GC typically meets twice a month on Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:30 to share a meal together & have a discussion. Our primary mission focus is geared towards Normal West; both to faculty and students. While we're still working towards what that might exactly look like, one avenue will be working alongside Young Life. We also have GC members initiating events and partnering with Home Sweet Home Ministries and the Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center. On alternating weeks, we meet as DNA groups from 6-7pm. Contact Justin Steffen: 309-212-0429

Stimpert's GC 

Stimpert GC meets every Friday evening at 6. The primary ministry focus is toward college students in Bloomington Normal. Contact Craig Stimpert: 309-532-9922